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Why Deallionaires?

Increase your sales

Deallionaires will create higher visibility for your business to your targeted customer pool. Through Deallionaires you can create deals to increase your sales.

Get repeat purchases

Deallionaires unique Deallionaires Club feature rewards customers if they become a loyal customer and thus will enable your business to turn a customer into a loyal customers.

Get potential new customer

Deallionaires unique special deal feature will enable you to target customers whose liking and purchase behavior matches your target customer’s profile and thus you can create highly attractive special deals for only the targeted customer pool and thus grow your customer base.

Get a customer back

Sometimes you may lose an existing customer because he/she may have just forgotten about you. Deallionaires special deal feature will also enable you to get a customer back by offering him/her a special deal and thus creating a space again in his/her mind.

Better data analysis

In the current world Data is the king and most of the business are not creating and tracking useful data for its business decision making. Deallionaires will help you to first generate the right data and second to show them in user friendly manner for better decision making.

Full Flexibility

Deallionaires platform gives you the full freedom and flexibility to create your deal and target your customers. Deallionaires does not impose any restriction on you in terms of minimum deal amount or tenor. Deallionaires believes that for your business you should be taking all the decisions without any constraint.

Promoting a new outlet

If you are opening a new outlet and want to drive footfalls to your new outlet you can create separate more attractive deals for this new outlet to drive your customers to it.

Cross selling for different businesses

If you have more than one brands you can create a cross selling opportunity by clubbing them together under Deallionaires club features. So, that any of your customer may also buy from any other brand of yours to extend validity or upgrade his/her current club with all the businesses under you. This will allow you to promote all your brands together or to pass on customers from a more popular brand of yours to a less popular brand of yours.

No Upfront Cost

You get all the above benefits without investing a single penny! Is it sounding too good to be true? It is really so. Deallionaires can be your one stop cloud based CRM solution that you can initiate just by a few mouse clicks and with zero investments. Deallionaires does not charge you any upfront registration cost and thus makes your decision to join Deallionaires completely risk free. We will only charge a percentage of sales that is generated through our system. So, you pay only if you earn from us. Does it sound too good to be true?

How to start with Deallionaires?

Whether you’ve already got an established business or a great idea for a new business here’s how to take the next step with Deallionaires.

Create a Business account with Deallionaires by entering your business name, contact person’s name, enter and validate email and contact number, uploading your logo and selecting a suitable business category for your business.

This account should be for the head office or main branch location of your business. So, choose the location accordingly and create your account. For details regarding all merchant functionalities please download the merchant USER MANUAL.